Dance Parties

Dance parties are a blast! Kids learn a dance routine, do dress up and give the guests a performance at the end. We can customise to your theme.

  • We begin with a warm up, then play some fun dance related games with some prizes at hand.
  • The children or teens learn dance routines to pop music.
  • They put on a performance after a dress rehearsal and introduction to theatre etiquette. (they each get to choose a costume/ prop and or accessory)

"We bring music, costumes, costume rail and props etc. and can theme according to your wishes as far as reasonably possible.
This usually lasts a minimum of an hour and 30 minutes for this age group, depending on concentration levels. I also bring a few prizes and one main prize for a boy and one for a girl. This usually helps to keep them nicely focused.
All music used is suitable for 5-15 year olds (i.e. no inappropriate lyrics at our parties and our choreography is designed to enable children to have fun.

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